RabbitsABC follows fun adventures to make learning and teaching easier. We provide learning materials for preschoolers, beginners, elementary, and pre-intermediate. We designed our materials to plea all learning styles. You won’t lack stuff for your little learners. RabbitsABC gives life to books, music, and activities.   


We have been working on these educational resources for parents, teachers, and child care providers for more than ten years. In all these times, we have been adding more sessions, new activities, crafts, and interactive features for a better experience. 


If you are not sure where to start, there are a few basic things that you can kick start. From alphabets, rhymes, colors, numbers, we also have sections for entertainment and an explore section where many topics are covered.


We keep on improving and adding more sections to the website based on your valuable feedback.  





Our Philosophy


RabbitsABC helps the kids to gain a better understanding of the world. We believe that every kid should learn to embrace differences and to have in-depth knowledge about this diverse society.  


Our Mission

We at RabbitsABC promote patience and understanding to the kids at an early age. We strongly believe in literacy, and properly raising the kids is not only the responsibility of the parents, but it also belongs to the society.