The lawyer found a rabbit jumping here and there, the lawyer shoot it and watched it falling dead in the ground. For his misfortune the rabbits fell on the other side of the brans fence.

The lawyer thought that since he shot the rabbit it belongs to him so he climbed the fence and got hold of the rabbit and climbs back again. Just he gets back the owner of the fence came to him and said “give me my rabbit”. The lawyer replied him “your rabbit no no I shot it this is mine”.

No the owner said it was lying in my land so it was mine. The lawyer became very angry and shouted that “Look I am a lawyer, I will sue you, you will lose and I will get the rabbit”. The owner was very clever and he said that no that was not the way we do here, we use the three kick rule.

The lawyer decided to follow the same said, “Ok how does that work?” the owner said that that I kick you three times to full my full strength then you have to kick me the same way and we keep on going like this until one gives up. Fine said the lawyer let’s start it. I will go first said the owner and he kicked the lawyer to his full strength in the groin. And when the lawyer bent over in pain the owner kicked him in his face and the third kick the owner kicked him in the stomach.

After the lawyer got the unbearable pain he said now is my turn. The owner said “No I will quit the game and you can have the rabbit”.


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